Going on a diet allows your body to do three different things: decrease in size, get bigger, or stay the same. For many novice body builders, the goal is to add on muscle mass, which also means adding on weight. The secret to bulking up is taking in excess calories. To effectively build muscles a person must eat extra calories for your body to burn. When accompanied with a substantial amount of protein, bigger, better, and stronger muscles are achieved.

Increasing Calorie Intake Effectively

It seems like a dream come true to indulge in your favorite junk food to fulfill the calorie requirement, right? To some people, this is actually very difficult to achieve. It can be because they have a very small appetite, a very active metabolism, or simply because it is part of their diets to eat as healthy and cleanly as possible. Of course, when you want to bulk up you shouldn’t just rely on eating whatever you want, whenever you want. Doing this can actually be harmful and cause you to gain body fat instead of muscle mass.

There is actually a safer and healthier way to increase your daily calorie intake: supplements. These drinks give you all the nutrition, excess calories, carbohydrates and proteins that your body needs to rebuild bigger, stronger, and leaner muscles. Supplements like mass gainers and protein powders are a staple of the body building community, but when is the best time to use mass gainers and when is protein powder more effective?

These two different kinds of supplements have their uses and benefits. Knowing when and how to use each will increase the chances of you reaching your goals faster and a little easier. Here’s what you need to know about these two supplements:

Protein Powders

When you have a look at any seasoned body builder’s pantry you will find one staple supplement: protein powders. Protein powders are the go-to supplement of experienced body builders because they contain a great amount of protein to help their muscles repair and recover quickly. Since professional or just seasoned body builders have already reached their ideal weight and are only looking to make their muscles bigger, they usually do not need the extra calories that mass gainers provide.

Novice body builders can also benefit from the nutrients and the amount of protein every serving of the supplement provides, but sometimes they will need more than what the protein powder offers.

Who Should Use Protein Powders: Generally everyone can use protein powder as their supplement because it has a lot of benefits, but those who plan to only maintain and not gain weight will benefit the most from this type of supplement.

Mass Gainers

Mass gainers are the go-to supplement of hard gainers who struggle to increase their calorie intake to bulk up. One serving of this supplement gives you at least 700 – 1,200 calories, more than enough to meet your required amount if you take at least 2 servings a day. Mass gainers also include a good amount of carbs to help you feel full and satisfied for longer plus a good portion of protein, though not the same amount compared to protein powders.

If you are not cautious about how much mass gainer you consume and how hard you train, the weight you gain can be in body fat instead of muscle mass.

Who Should Use Mass Gainers: Professional and experienced body builders generally avoid mass gainers because they have already reached their goal weight. They instead need to build bigger and leaner muscles, not something mass gainers can help with a lot. Instead, novice hard gainers will benefit the most from this type of supplement because it is an easy and effective way to add extra calories and carbs to their diet which they can use to help build up their muscles.


When is the best time to use mass gainers for those who are new to the bodybuilding community? The best time to start using mass gainers is after you have done your research about balancing nutrition, calorie intake, and training. Without the knowledge of these three important aspects using either form of supplement can cause more harm than help. Before you get your hands on mass gainers and protein powders consider your goals and choose a supplement that will help you reach those goals faster.