Fitness has never been more important in our history, especially with gyms popping up like mushrooms in every corner. Mass media also plays an important part as it portrays the new citizen to be physically fit and good-looking. Many have responded to these although some unfortunate ones are still wondering how long does it take to gain muscle weight?

But what is Muscle Weight?

Muscle weight or muscle mass is the total weight of your muscles without the body fat. It plays a crucial role in your over-all physiology as it becomes the engine for your body when consuming the needed energy for it to function.

Think of it this way, when the body is developing muscles, it needs to burn energy and fat round the clock. As the muscle mass grows or increases, your body used up more calories, therefore, increasing your basal metabolic rate which will ultimately result in losing weight in the right places.

Strategies for Gaining Muscle Weight

Here are two strategies that will help you build muscle mass quickly:

  • Weight Gain Supplements

Weight gain supplements or weight gainers are supplements that contain minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, as well as additional calories and other ingredients that support muscle mass development. These supplements are generally geared towards body builders and are often considered to be a post-workout drink.

Muscle gainers and weight gainers are essentially the same things, but you may hear of other nutritional supplements like protein powders and meal replacements. These products are different when it comes to the kind of nutrition that it provides. Muscle gainers offer a mix of carbs and protein while protein or whey powders only focus on providing the maximum protein as it can in a scoop. MRPs or meal replacements are the closest things to muscle gainers, but it focuses more on the amount of carbs and fiber, as well as calories that it can provide in a single serving.

Some muscle gainers are considered to be MRPs already, but it depends on the composition, as well as the nutritional benefits. However, this can’t be said the same for MRPs; they do not have the other nutrients that boost muscle growth.

Benefits of Using Weight Gainers

Other than the obvious muscle mass gain, weight gainers have other benefits which include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • High-Quality Protein – muscle gainers contain protein concentrates which is protein without the non-essential fat. Raw materials are dried and compressed into powder form in order to get the highest quality possible. These proteins can come from different sources like milk, whey, and soy.
  • Added Calories – a typical serving of a weight gain supplement would have at least 500 calories. This amount can make you feel full for a longer period, effectively replacing one meal, which in turn can lead to body fat loss and more muscle mass gained.
  • Faster Recovery Periods – certain ingredients included in the composition of weight gainers release nutrients slowly which makes the post-workout recovery period quicker as it prevents nutrients from being turned into waste if released all at once.

Things to Look At

When selecting the right muscle gainer, you need to check the following things:

  • Protein Content: the rule is that the higher the protein content per number of scoops the better. Some supplements would offer a minimal amount combined in a large number of scoops with little benefits. These are the least effective ones and would have the chalkiest taste.
  • Calories: if you would want your gainer to be a meal replacement look into the number of calories it can provide in a single serving and see if it will be enough to make you feel full.
  • Flavor: many supplements offer different flavors, but majority of them do have that strange medicinal aftertaste so try small amounts first before diving in. It is a personal preference after all.
  • Key Nutrients: these are your added nutrients and ingredients. Some would tout having ginseng while some would say they have lecithin, nitrogen, etc. Choose a gainer that has a high fiber content as this helps with the metabolism.

Fitness Routine

Gaining muscle mass is not all about the muscle gainers and how many servings you can down in a day. Gaining muscle mass also involves hard work and determination. Here are some workouts you can do to see how long it takes to gain muscle weight.

Workouts That Build Muscle Mass Fast

There is no single exercise or work-out that can target all muscle groups and let you gain muscle fast. You have to remember that muscles are grouped into different sections of the body and that no exercise can target them all. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t work them all out.


Try various workout regiments and rotate them so that certain muscle groups would have resting periods. Rest periods allow muscles to heal and further develop while you work out other areas of your body.

Lifting weights is one of the best work-outs to build muscle mass and the different gym equipment will allow you to target certain muscles and a personal trainer can also provide good advice on how to proceed in gaining more muscle mass.

An effective weight workout has low reps with high weights, meaning you would need to choose a weight that is more than what you can normally carry and then do 10-12 reps per exercise. Lower reps and high weights cause muscle fatigue and muscle tear which in turn boosts muscle growth.

Alternate weight workout with resistance training, as well as cardio exercises to gain a more developed physique. Having these alternate days also allow your muscles to heal faster from your weight workout.

Things to Consider

Before engaging in a serious bout with your weight lifting equipment, consider the following:

  • Time Constraints – check your schedule for the best time that you can do your exercise. It does not have to be fixed on a certain hour or on a certain day, as long as you can plot it a week, even a month in advance that will be great. Frequency is the key when it comes to weight exercises.
  • Seek Advice – as with anything health-related, always seek the advice of your physician. A quick check-up can tell you of your limits and the dangers that might follow if you exceed your limit too much. Consulting with a personal trainer is also advisable since they would know which exercises fit this body type to develop this muscle group and such.

So How Long Does It Take To Gain Muscle Weight?

With the proper diet, regular exercise and the right choice of supplement, it can take a minimum of two to four weeks to see any visible changes in your body, and it can even appear faster. Stay focused on your goal and remember that in order to gain muscle weight, you also need to have patience, discipline and the determination to achieve your fitness goals.