You might think that all mass gainers are the same in terms of content since they have one sole function—to help individuals gain the weight they need without getting fat. However, the majority of mass gainers do differ when it comes to ingredients and results.

You have to watch what you buy since there are mass gainers out there that are packed with chemical ingredients and unpleasant tastes and texture. Do your research first before purchasing a product. You can make selections easier by reading reviews. This review is all about the Universal Nutrition Animal M-Stak Non-Hormonal All Natural Anabolic Gainer Supplement.

Features of the Universal Nutrition Animal M-Stak Non-Hormonal All Natural

  • Made with natural ingredients without the hormones
  • Encourages protein synthesis for optimal results by means of all-natural flavone and sterone complex
  • Has anabolic complex that enhances endurance and reduces catabolic stress response
  • Makes use of 5-Methyl-7-methoxyisoflavone to bring in nutrients for better lean mass build up
  • Helps facilitate nitrogen retention for better muscle growth


Many of us are now more into all-natural products. This also extends to mass gainers. One example of a good natural mass gainer is the Animal M-Trak. The product is a mix that was blended meticulously to guarantee that the blend has all the great things you need for keeping fit and gain weight at the same time.

The product has natural flavone/sterone complex, and this blend serves as agents that will aid in distributing the required calories individuals need to gain lean mass instead of fat. To gain weight, you have to make sure that you direct all those nutrients to the muscles in a very effective fashion.

The Animal M-Stak includes a profound anti-catabolic amino complex that functions to encourage protein synthesis by means of non-hormonal signal transduction and influencing primary muscle growth regulators like FOXO, p70s6k, 4E-BP1 and more. These are important elements for maximizing protein balance in the body and are shuttled by means of an amino blend that is important to the whole product.

The interaction between the natural sterones and flavones is fundamental to the efficiency of the product. However, the growth factor of this item is not just limited to this. The product has anabolic adaptogens that function to provide users the capability to handle rigorous workouts by decreasing cortisol and other harmful catabolic elements.

Anabolic adaptogens operate to guarantee the anabolic state of the body’s internal parts and allow users to gain more mass. The product also includes insulin potentiators which serve to guarantee that the body will make use of anabolic insulin in the most optimal manner.

The Animal M-Stak also includes a powerful energy mix that is built to drive you by means of intense workouts. To make the most of nutrient use, the formula works in conjunction with the M-Factor absorption complex.

In terms of taste, the product did not have any unpleasant aftertaste. The product comes with pre-packaged pills so one can manage a number of supplements they have to consume on a daily basis. Fast results are also one of its advantages since you can experience the effects of using the product following the initial few weeks of usage.

The ingredients of the product worked perfectly with no side effects and it offered not only added weight but also extra strength. By taking the supplement correctly, you can benefit from increased heart rate in terms of cardio regimens, thus individuals were able to take part in more strenuous, intense fitness routines. You can take your dose at your preferred rate and it will not induce any kind of complications. It works fine and this is something you may want to check out in case you need a mass gainer.


One disadvantage of the Animal M-Stak is that it comes in capsule form. For those who want a fuller feeling, you can get a blend that you can make as a shake or drink. Furthermore, it does lack sufficient protein even though it is made to improve nutrient use and engage muscle protein amalgamation.

Another thing you have to remember by taking this product is that it has to be consumed over a period of 21 days following which you have to rest for around 7 days between phases to stop the body from adjusting to the formula’s compounds. This can have an effect on the product’s effectiveness over time.


To get that body you want, you might need to check out Universal Nutrition Animal M-Stak Non-Hormonal All Natural Anabolic Gainer Supplement together with a matching diet and workout routine. It not only adds weight, users will also see an increase in strength plus it helps maintain users’ overall fitness and health. So for those who do body building or simply want to gain more weight minus the added fat, you can opt for this product instead.