Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition

This blog and its parent website is one of the top-rated and most respected sites for sports nutrition in the world. The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition focuses on the “acute and chronic effects of sports nutrition and supplementation strategies on body composition, physical performance, and metabolism.” Researchers, athletes, nutritionists, and anybody else interested in the link between diet and fitness will get the most comprehensive, up-to-date information from this blog. To navigate, you simply search of keyword or citation to bring up any topic you want.

All the articles submitted to the journal are also under peer review, being reviewed by at least two or more experts to evaluate whether it’s scientifically accurate. The journal is run by an international editorial board, which includes experts who work in the fields of research and academia around the world.


Legion Athletics Blog

Co-founded and run by bestselling author, supplement developer, and fitness expert Mike Matthews, Legion Athletics boasts over 3 million monthly site visits. It’s a top rated blog for sports nutrition because Matthews is dedicated to creating “healthy, high-quality sport supplements based on sound science.” Each ingredient is backed by scientifically published research. The blog articles, however, cover a multitude of fitness topics that include the link between fat and mass, stomach and bloat, nutritional supplements and other pills like appetite suppressants, supplement comparison shopping, and much more.

While this is a blog that does have an emphasis on product selling, it also offers useful and correct information about sports nutrition. Some of the most popular articles answer vital questions on clean bulking, protein consumption schedules, food cravings and withdrawals, fitness issues like hip flexors, and offer in-depth looks at substances like clenbuterol.


Best Workout Supplements Blog

Calling itself “one of the best sports supplement websites,” this blog compiles all kinds of information about the most effective workout supplements. They review, rank, and discuss them and also offer the scientific slant that is a hallmark of good writing about sports nutrition. This blog offers plenty of information and categories, including supplements for pre-workout, intra-workout, post workout, testosterone boosters, fat burners, a women’s category, and supplement guides.

The Best Workout Supplements Blog also does not advertise for products and each product is put through a rigorous test of questions before being featured. However, the only name found is “Peter,” who can be contacted via email. There is no other information about the site’s webmaster, editorial board, or other information.



mysportscience is an excellent website and blog for advice across many sports science and nutrition topics. It’s run by Asker Jeukendrup, who’s worked with top athletes in many sports and for the Olympics as well. His research interests cover “the metabolic responses to exercise, especially endurance exercise, the interaction between nutrition and exercise,” and many other topics.

One thing that’s great about this blog is the visual infographics and graphic design elements accompanying each post. You get charts and graphs that were created by Jeukendrup specifically for the blog, so they’re not stock images. They clearly illustrate the information and make complex sports nutrition easier to understand. At the end of each blog post, he includes references, too.


Nutrition WOD (Workout of the Day)

It’s “Nutrition by CrossFitters for CrossFitters,” so, while the information presented on this site is naturally meant for that group of athletes, anyone seriously interested in sports nutrition can also get beneficial information from here. CrossFit participants run into the same frustrations as others who exercise: how to make your results in the gym reflect in your body’s physical appearance. That’s why sports nutrition is so important.

This blog was started by Amanda Maucere, a registered dietitian, and her husband, Brian Maucere, a CrossFit gym owner. Amanda worked with athletes to create personalized nutrition plans. The blog posts discuss and review all things nutrition and exercise related, including meal planning, hydration, meal timing, and macros.


Precision Nutrition Blog

This blog is one of the most helpful in sports nutrition, since it compiles the work from the world’s top nutrition coaches. It’s been around since 2005 and works in tandem with the Precision Nutrition website, which offers nutrition certification. You can search by category, like popular posts, those for men or women or fitness pros, exercise, food and nutrition, health and disease, and many more.

While this does offer very helpful information, it does have the ultimate aim of getting you to sign up for Precision Nutrition Coaching. So, keep that in mind as you’re reading these articles.


My Sports Dietitian

Founded by two guys named Ronnie Harper and Tavis Piattoly, this blog showcases an incredible amount of information about sports nutrition. There are plenty of others on their team, who cover so many topics like athletes and eating disorders, performance nutrition for specific athletes (figure skaters, soccer players, long-distance runners, etc.), athlete recipes that are quick and easy, and even nutrition for optimum health or weight management.

This blog and website also puts out a helpful app you can have on your phone to track athletic performance, weight, and body composition. There are plenty of free things you can download and use to get started, like a grocery shopping list or snack options for athletes, and a supplements guide.


Nutrition Blog Network

The Nutrition Blog Network is “powered by dietitians,” and none of them are trying to sell supplements, get you to purchase courses or apps, or have you subscribe to grow their following. They are just simply here to give you trusted advice from nutrition experts who provide reliable, credible nutrition information. What would that information be? You can read about how to safely lose weight, from a small amount up to large weight-loss goals, healthy family recipes, incorporate overall nutritional health into a better lifestyle, and more.

While this blog is geared more for viewers who aren’t serious athletes, the wealth of blog posts and articles on this site is excellent for everyone. The blog is under the guidance of Weber Shandwick, a communications company, and was co-founded by Janet Helm and Lori Fromm, who are both registered dietitians. One of the blog’s best features is their nutrition blog directory, where you can type in search criteria and spend hours researching any topic that you need!