If you are among the many who struggle to gain muscle mass, we understand your troubles. Fortunately for you, we have taken it upon ourselves to research the answer to the question we have all been asking for a long time: should I take mass gainer or whey protein?

But before we try to take on that question, let us first look back on what mass gainers and whey protein are, what each of these dietary supplements offers, as well as their many benefits and possible setbacks.

About Mass Gainer

Basically, a mass gainer is a supplement that offers a high quantity of carbohydrates and fats combined with a good quality protein. It aims to provide an easier means to achieve daily calorie intake without having to munch on food, effectively saving you time and money.

Mass gainers usually have carbohydrate to protein ratio of 2:1 or 3:1. This means that for every single 60-gram serving of a mass gainer, you get 30 grams of protein. A large number of mass gainers on the market today usually contains a mixture of glucose and maltose as the source of calories.

There are a lot of causes why an individual chooses to take mass gainers. Some of these benefits include:

  • Great Source of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates, as most of us know, is our body’s source of energy. When we work out extensively, we need all the energy that we can get in order to achieve the most optimal results. In the first few days of working out, we get a surge of energy as a result of our body going into overdrive and using up all of its stored natural energy.

Unfortunately, it will eventually start to deplete, which is why we need high levels of carbohydrate to supplement our daily needs. Additionally, it also aids in refilling the body’s glycogen levels.

  • Rich in Fiber

When trying to build muscle, the body requires an increased level of fiber because it is responsible for the removal of toxic wastes. Consequently, it prepares the body for embracing a better and healthier lifestyle. It also boosts the digestion process, which results in the better absorption of nutrients from the food you eat.

  • Helps Meet the Required Calorie Intake

For some who cannot seem to gain any weight even after consuming unbelievably large amounts of food, the mass gainer is the solution. It provides the means for a hard gainer to achieve the required daily caloric intake without having to munch on food every minute. Most often than not, a single serving of mass gainer would provide up to 1000 calories.

  • Keeps the Muscles Lean

Most mass gainers contain the good kind of dietary fat that one needs in order to stay lean while he is still in the process of gaining mass and building muscles. However, take note that you have to stay away from mass gainers with large amounts of saturated fat. What you should look out for is a mass gainer that has medium-chain triglycerides.

About Whey Protein

Back in the day, whey was considered only as a waste by-product of curd and cheese manufacturing companies. Today, it is among the most in-demand ingredients in the production of dietary supplements that aim to help individuals gain weight.

As a matter of fact, whey protein is the purest form of protein. Unlike other kinds of protein, whey protein is the easiest one to digest, therefore it gets released into the bloodstream much faster than any other kind of protein. As a result, we get to enjoy all of its benefits faster than when we choose other protein as an energy source.

Consuming whey protein benefits, not just athletes and bodybuilders, but also the average fitness enthusiast who would like to be healthy and stay that way. It fuels up the muscles and as a result, increases stamina and endurance levels. Whey protein is also a great and effective source of energy.

Some users of whey protein supplements choose to invest in this product because of its ability to help burn excess body fat and therefore a decrease in overall weight. Unlike mass gainers, which only benefits skinny and thin people, whey protein is actually good for everybody.

Should I Take Mass Gainer or Whey Protein: The Verdict

Now that we know what each of these two products offers, we will go ahead and answer your question: should I take mass gainer or whey protein?

Like any other dietary supplement, it all depends on what your personal goals are. Those who want to gain weight and bulk up should opt for, obviously, mass gainer. This supplement is recommended to those who are just starting out with their weight gain journey.

However, you should not stick to taking mass gainers longer than necessary as it has a tendency to add layers of fat onto the body, which would then be a pain to get rid of. When you have gained enough mass that you think is perfect for you, you can then switch to whey protein.

Whey protein will help you build muscles as well as boost your body’s overall strength and energy levels. It also aids in one’s goal to achieve an athletic and lean physique because it contains little to no amount of carbohydrates and fats.

Consuming whey protein, such as a whey protein shake or smoothie, also helps improve sports performance, which is why athletes from all over the world are the number one consumers of this product. Additionally, it also offers many health benefits including protection from cancer, normalization of blood pressure levels, and promotion of healthy heart.

Final Words

Dietary supplements, be it mass gainers or whey protein, are consumed to help achieve fitness goals, and it does not magically happen overnight. Also, we are all made uniquely and what works for me may have no satisfying effects on you. It is up to you to find which one matches all of your needs.

In the long run, a good diet plan combined with regular exercise is the best way to be emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy.