“A healthy body is the best home for a healthy mind.” This is a general truth. With a higher life expectancy, more tools and knowledge than our ancestors, our generation can boost the quality of life to previously-unseen levels. Keeping a regular workout routine is now an essential part of having a quality lifestyle.

Technology and progress have had a lot of contributions to the fitness industry through better, more muscle-oriented devices and machines; a lot more knowledge about how to develop each group of muscles; and a better understanding how certain compounds impact the body’s ability to convert nutrients to energy and muscle.

Supplements are a great way of boosting one’s efforts to achieve better results without having to make drastic changes to diet or workout routine. These are formulas that are designed by professionals to help maximize the body’s ability to assimilate protein and other nutrients.

Thus, leading to more mass with the same amount of effort. The RAW PREMASS 2-in-1 Pre Workout Mass Gainer is a perfect example of a balanced, potent mixture of protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals.

RAW PREMASS 2-in-1 Pre Workout Mass Gainer Features:

  • 20 servings of 34-gram powder per container
  • Pre-workout mass gainer
  • Increases muscle gain and strength
  • The mixture of ingredients allows the body to assimilate the nutrients quickly
  • Contains Carb10, Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine, Cluster Dextrin, L-Leucine, L-Citrulline Malate, L-Arginine and AstraGin
  • The formula contains amino acids, protein and ingredients that enhance blood circulation, and protein and amino acid synthesis
  • Doesn’t use banned substances
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Has natural beet colorant


  • Doesn’t contain stimulants
  • Doesn’t contain synthetic colors
  • Somewhat complete formula
  • Holds 20 servings, which is impressive


  • Formula doesn’t have as many vitamins as other similar products


The Raw PreMass 2-in-1 Pre Workout contains many ingredients that will aid athletes in building muscle mass. Likewise, it also provides them with energy, nutrients and protein-assimilating ingredients. As far as muscle gainers go, this product is executed beautifully, keeping in mind the precise needs that athletes and bodybuilders have.

Being caffeine-free, it’s perfect for people who follow a healthy and balanced diet since it won’t cause any extra energy jolts in coffee drinkers. The portion sizes are quite small, so it’s best used with a light meal before the workout. Although the doses are small, its well-balanced ingredients can make it a highly-effective, muscle-building product.

It contains Nubetaine, an ingredient that’s known for its properties in the health and sports industries. Betaine is usually associated with muscle gain since it promotes a faster, more efficient synthesis of protein in the body. Likewise, it is also known for fighting toxins in the liver and lowering overall cholesterol levels

L-Leucine is an alpha amino acid that is responsible for maintaining muscle mass and preventing muscle degradation. It also prevents muscle proteins from breaking down which can be great for muscle recovery and for fighting signs of aging in men over 50 years.

It is also great for burning body fat deposits.

Beta-alanine is a beta amino acid that can be found in nature. Beta amino acids are more diverse and come under many forms, but they’re ultimately as useful for muscle gaining as their chemically-different counterparts.

Because it’s a pre-workout formula that is stimulant-free, the makers have used L-Citrulline in the formula. It is an ingredient that’s generally used as a mild performance enhancer that also decreases the chances of heart disease by contributing to a healthier blood flow. The Raw PreMass 2-in-1 Pre Workout formula has many amino acids in its composition.

What stands out is the product’s AstraGin component. It is an ingredient that enables the body to absorb amino acids quickly and efficiently. The bottom line is that it increases the dose of energy, thus, giving the user better muscle pumps.

Each serving has 15 grams of protein which is enough to provide power for a workout. A tub, which contains around 20 servings, will translate into an increase in mass from about six to 12 pounds, depending on different users.

These results, however, must be achieved with a proper diet and a consistent workout routine. Further, with minimal fillers in the composition, stomach issues do not occur, and muscle gain is enhanced.


Muscle building products can be found left and right on the fitness market. Because of this, it’s important to take a good look at the ingredients and how each ingredient reacts with the body. When compared to the Naked Energy – Unflavored All Natural Pre Workout Supplement, the difference in quality becomes clear just by taking a look at both of the tubs.

The Naked Energy Supplement has very shady labeling with statements that aren’t FDA-approved yet and a lack of protein. While this supplement does provide plenty of energy, muscle gains will be minimal since it lacks all of the protein-assimilation enhancing ingredients, causing the body to be less efficient in energy consumption.

The Naked Energy Supplement does have 30 servings, which is more than the Raw PreMass 2-in-1 Pre Workout, but this doesn’t translate into better quality. The Raw PreMass is clearly superior for muscle gains and energy efficiency since it has a very complete and balanced formula.


The RAW PREMASS 2-in-1 Pre Workout Mass Gainer is undoubtedly very efficient for its intended use. That is because of the well-balanced formulation of its amino acids, protein and carbs ingredients. As similar to other products, it’s best used with a diet that facilitates fat loss and muscle gain. Likewise, it should also be complemented with intense and frequent workouts.

The Raw PREMASS 2-in-1 Pre Workout Mass Gainer is sure to be a good choice for people who are interested in consistent muscle gain , provided that they follow a strict plan. To sum up, this particular supplement is very potent, comes in small doses and doesn’t sub for an actual meal. Thus, athletes can easily integrate it in their normal diet plans.