Diet and exercise can make you healthy, but a healthy body doesn’t turn heads anymore. If you’re looking for people to notice exactly how fit you are, you’ll need to increase both the size and quantity of your muscles. In short, you need to be a bodybuilder.

When most people think of bodybuilding, they think of going to the gym and lifting heavy weights day in and day out. While serious bodybuilders live out a good portion of their lives in the gym, increasing mass is not entirely dependent on how much time is spent in the gym or how heavy a person a can lift.

In fact, the mass gain is 80% diet and 20% effort. This means, if you eat the right food and take the best supplements, you’re well on your way to increasing your weight. If you’re already eating plenty of food and still finding it difficult to gain weight, then you’ll need to take supplements, such as the Serious Mass Gainer by Optimum Nutrition.

The Serious Mass Gainer protein powder supplement is a perfect blend of protein and carbohydrates that increase a person’s caloric intake. In fact, each serving of this protein powder is equivalent to 1,250 calories, which is almost half of the recommended caloric intake of most individuals.

Therefore, by combining your regular diet with the Serious Mass Gainer, you’re bound to increase your weight. However, before you get all excited and fill your pantry with containers of Serious Mass Gainer, let’s take a closer look at what it really is and how it works to increase your body weight and muscles.

Key Features

  • Is a high-calorie weight gainer
  • Provides 1,250 calories per serving (2 scoops)
  • Every serving also contains 250 grams of carbs
  • Contains creatine that provides energy to the muscles
  • Contains 25 vitamins and minerals
  • Is available in five flavors: chocolate, banana, vanilla, chocolate peanut, and strawberry
  • Available in two sizes: 6- or 12-pound containers
  • Works great alone or with nuts, frozen fruits, and other food items that add calories to the protein drink

As you can see, the high amount of calories per serving of the Serious Mass Gainer makes it almost impossible for you not to gain weight. In fact, some people can already live off of 1,250 calories per day.

Therefore, if your normal caloric intake is already above 3,000 calories per day as it should, then drinking a serving of this protein powder will increase it to over 4,000 calories.

With a caloric intake of 4,000+ calories a day, it’s difficult for anyone to gain weight. By combining this amount of calories with weight training, you can ensure that your weight gain is due to increased muscle mass and not just fat.

Now that you know the key features of this protein powder, you should also be aware of the advantages and disadvantages.


  • When combined with heavy weight lifting, this protein powder will increase muscle mass
  • Is great for people who can’t consume the right amount of food due to a busy schedule
  • Is available in great flavors
  • Can be mixed with milk to improve the taste and increase calories
  • Has a great consistency when mixed with water


  • Should not be consumed without exercising. High calories will increase the tendency for a person to bloat up.
  • Can be a bit too sweet for some people
  • Best mixed using a blender

It’s clear that there are plenty of advantages to the Serious Mass Gainer. And as long as you use it correctly, or as long as you also work out on a regular basis while taking this protein powder, you can be assured that you’re gaining muscles instead of fat.

Since the Serious Mass Gainer is definitely not the only product of its kind in the market, it would be interesting to find out how it compares to other similar protein powders. Below are some comparisons.


Muscle Milk Gainer Protein Powder is ideal for people who have difficulty gaining weight. It contains 32 grams of, 3 grams of leucine, and 650 calories per serving of 4 scoops. The Muscle Milk gainer contains both fast- and slow-release proteins. The protein powder can also be added to other foods instead of just being consumed as a protein drink.

Meanwhile, Dymatize Super Mass Gainer has high-quality proteins to enhance weight gain. This protein powder contains 52 grams of protein and 1,300 calories per serving. The powder mixes easily with water and is also gluten-free.


Is the Serious Mass Gainer for you? Like many other products, you’ll never know until you try it. As long as you do not have any known allergies to the ingredients and you’re dedicated to building muscle instead of just fat in order to gain weight, then it is likely that you’ll benefit from this product.

However, you should also be aware that protein powders should never replace real protein from food items. This means that you should not rely on drinking protein shakes to gain weight. Always keep in mind that protein powders are food supplements, which mean that they only contribute a certain amount of protein and calories to what you would normally consume.

If you’re looking to remain healthy while gaining a significant amount of weight, be sure to find out how you can also increase your intake of natural foods. It may just be as simple as taking healthier snacks or eating larger portions with every meal.

By eating healthy foods and combining your diet with the Serious Mass Gainer, you should be well on your way to a healthier weight. However, don’t forget to visit the gym regularly to ensure that you’re not gaining fat instead of muscle.