Weight gain is pretty much simple to understand if you focus on it. It usually focuses on a balanced combination of the calories one takes in and the calories that one uses for energy. If you are the kind of individual who eats plenty but you live a couch potato lifestyle, the calories are changed into body fat and, because of this, you gain weight.

There are people though who wish to have more added pounds—not fat but muscle. Because of this, they are required to take in lots of calories, particularly proteins, to build muscle. For this feat, you can try out a mass gainer. One example of this is the Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer Protein Powder, Double Chocolate, which we are going to review today.

Features of the Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer Protein Powder Double Chocolate

  • Comes with excellent-quality proteins from 7 distinctive sources
  • Has combination of complex carbs and lipids
  • Every serving comes with 26 vitamins and minerals
  • Provides more than 600 calories in every serving
  • Can be mixed readily by means of a blender, a spoon or a shaker


If you want to add a substantial quantity of calories to your diet, you can do so by introducing carbohydrates and proteins on it. One such product that can help you is a mass gainer like the Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer Protein Powder, Double Chocolate.

Even though lots of mass gainers are being sold on the market right now, some of them are filled with nothing but low-quality fats and sugars, which are actually not beneficial for your health. Hence you have to choose which mass gainer you should take in carefully. For guys who want to gain muscle, it can be quite the challenge to maintain progress in terms of strength and size. A regular diet of basic foods will not be enough.

Hence, a product like a mass gainer may help you achieve your goals. Pro Gainer and its ilk are an affordable and convenient means to add calories to your diet without obligating you to eat just about anything put in front of you. To use the product, you have to mix a single heaping scoop of Pro Gainer with 16 oz. of cold water and shake the ingredients completely until it’s dissolved.

You can have your dose of the stuff any time you need and you will acquire all nutrients notwithstanding; however, we suggest that you take it prior to having breakfast or right after a rigorous training for better results. For maximum calorie levels, you can add other food items to it like peanut butter, nuts, or fruits. Use an electric blender to mix all ingredients.

One advantage of the product is that it lets you consume loads of calories within seconds without having to deal with a lot of solid food. This is a great protein drink composed of 6 varying kinds of egg proteins and dairy. The 6 proteins provide different levels of digestion hence while the peptides and hydrolyzed whey protein aid in increasing amino acid levels fast; the calcium caseinate functions to provide a constant delivery of amino acids.

Another benefit of the product is that it contains a good vitamin and mineral mix, which gives bodies an expanded range of the nutrients your body requires to speed up recovery levels and make way for faster repair and progress. The product combines excellent protein resources with aminogen and carbogen enzyme blends.

Before using the product, though, you have to first consult your health provider or doctor in case you have any current medical conditions or if you are a pregnant mom or presently lactating. You have to talk this one with your doctor if you take certain medications as well.

The Pro Gainer comes in 5 flavors from Double Chocolate down to Vanilla Custard. The Double Chocolate flavor is nice and satisfying. It has 60 grams of protein, 85 grams of carbs and only 5 grams of sugar with every serving. These items are enough for individuals to acquire lean muscle if used correctly and combined with a healthy diet and workout regimen.


The Pro Gainer has its positive points, but it did possess some drawbacks. For one, the protein it contains isn’t necessarily pure. Furthermore, it has a moderately higher rate of sodium compared to other similar products. Because of the lack of purity in the protein, this may have an effect on the results.


The Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer Protein Powder, Double Chocolate is a good product since it is easy to digest, comes in a nice variety of flavors and it is a convenient way to boost your calorie requirements for a weight and muscle gaining program. As long as you use the item correctly together with the right training session and a healthy diet, you will surely gain the muscle or weight that you are after without the fat.