Believe it or not, there are some instances where gaining weight is considered as an advantage. What’s even more unbelievable there are people called “hard gainers” who struggle to put on pounds to meet their ideal target weight.

This is because there is a right way to gain weight and instances where gaining weight is a positive thing. It is people like body builders, gym rats, and even professional athletes who seek different and effective weight gaining methods to help boost their muscle, strength, and energy levels. This is because the more active you are, the more nutrients your body needs to function properly.

This is why mass gainers are very popular with people living an active and sometimes extreme (body building) lifestyle. As they put stress on their muscles, they need to give them extra protein to rebuild themselves faster and stronger than before. Hence, mass gainers like the MuscleTech Performance Series Mass Tech are found on the market.

Struggling to gain weight is a reality for many people, and this review of the MuscleTech Performance Series Mass Tech will give you a better look at what to expect if you purchase this mass gainer.

Features of the MuscleTech Performance Series Mass Tech

  • Perfectly and specially formulated for hard gainers
  • Includes a multi-phased protein system
  • Helps to build both mass and strength with continued use
  • Milk chocolate flavored
  • Best when mixed with milk
  • When mixed with milk a supply of slow, medium, and fast-digesting proteins are added
  • Contains 80 grams of protein
  • Supplies the body with critical amino acids
  • Amino acids delivered to the blood in varying rates
  • Recommended 5 scoops for full mass gaining potential


The effects of this MuscleTech Performance Series product are seen almost immediately. When the supplement is taken as directed users can experience weight gain within just two weeks of use. Amazingly this mass gainer does what it promises to do, allowing you to gain weight and stronger muscles without any fuss or mess. You can simply mix the supplement into your favorite smoothie and set it aside until you are done with your workout session. Gulp it down and see the pounds add up in no time.

Drinking this mass gainer powder is also relatively effortless because of its delicious milk chocolate flavor. When compared to other brands, this supplement comes out on top with flavor because it doesn’t have that distinct metallic taste most mass gainers are known for. It is also very easy to mix that clumping is very rare and there is no chalky feel in the mouth so you can fully enjoy drinking it.

The unique formula of the MuscleTech Performance Series Mass Tech makes it a great mass gainer for hard gainers who have struggled to pack on the pounds and maintain the weight. It has the perfect mix of proteins and calories to encourage excellent muscle growth which all body builders appreciate.

For those who want to stick to clean diet without sacrificing their calorie and protein intake, this is a great option to look into. You can build your muscles while also getting enough energy to recover from a long workout session without having to resort to eating high-calorie unhealthy junk foods. It definitely is the best of both worlds!


The MuscleTech Performance Series powder does not work for everyone and will ultimately not address everyone’s needs or meet everyone’s expectations. Many people who choose to mix it with water instead of milk find that it does not mix well and ends up clumpy or too thick to chug down. To make it easier for you, if you decide to use water, use a blender to ensure that the powder properly mixes with the water and you do not get any clumps in your drink.

The recommended daily dosage for maximum weight gaining potential is also a bit too high for some people. This is a disadvantage because it means you need to consume an excessive amount to reach your weight gaining goals. To increase your caloric intake with every serving, add some of your favorite foods to the mix like peanut butter and milk. It makes the shake taste wonderful and increases the number of calories you take in.


Time and time again hard gainers have found that the MuscleTech Performance Series Mass Tech is one of the best mass gainers in the market. It is effective and delicious – definitely a must try.