Anyone who has tried to bulk up by building stronger and leaner muscle knows that this is a difficult challenge. The amount of protein your body needs is nearly impossible to consume through your usual diet on a daily basis.

This is why many professional body builders turn to using mass gainers instead. These powder supplements are packed with the extra calories your body needs to replenish lost energy while also providing all the protein your muscles need to rebuild and recover from the stress of body building or any other activity.

For many people, it is a constant struggle to balance healthy eating while also consuming enough calories and protein to gain the weight they need. Indulging in the wrong type of food can lead to consumption of empty calories, which is not ideal for someone who wants lean and strong muscles. These are the reasons why people turn to mass gainers like the MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer Powder.

In this review, we will look into what the MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer Powder can offer those who want to gain weight the easy and correct way.

Features of the MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer Powder

  • Perfect for muscle building and weight gain
  • 50 Grams of high-quality protein per serving
  • Supports the muscle rebuilding process
  • Sustains energy levels
  • 1,270 calories plus 252 grams of complex carbs per serving
  • Contains MCT, Chia seeds, and flax seeds
  • Post-workout boost or as a snack between meals
  • Delicious chocolate flavor
  • Dense and functional calories
  • Precisely partitioned nutrients
  • Essential fatty acids included
  • 4 different sources of protein
  • Gain and maintain weight easily
  • Enhances muscle recovery speed
  • Recommended dose of 1 – 3 servings a day


Athletes and those looking to build bigger and stronger muscles will find that the MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer Powder does just that. Consuming too much food just to meet the calorie requirement for bulking up is expensive and usually unhealthy.

With this powder supplement, you get to save money while ensuring your muscles get all the protein and other nutrients they need to rebuild faster and better. Plus, it is easy to prepare, meaning no fuss or hassle to go through to get your post workout boost. Just follow the recommended dosage on the packaging to add this to your daily diet and you will pack on the pounds easily.

Many who are on a diet often crave for chocolate, which contains a lot of excess sugar the body doesn’t need. Luckily you can still have your fill of chocolate with this MusclePharm product because its chocolate flavor is delicious, especially when you mix it with milk. You can fight those cravings for empty calories and consume 1 to 3 servings of this supplement instead to get all the nutrients your body needs without added sugar. The flavor is so good that even the pickiest of eaters will love drinking this after their first taste.

The key to successful weight gain using this mass gainer powder is consistency. Consume the same amount of powder after every workout routine as an energy booster and muscle rebuilder. In no time you will notice your mass increasing and that you can easily keep the weight on. With the recovery power and energy this supplement provides, you’ll be in the gym on a daily basis getting closer to your goals.


When you get the MusclePharm Mass Gainer Powder that comes in pouches, be careful when handling the zip lock. One major downside of this product is how it does not seal up properly. This can be a hassle but easily avoided if you transfer the contents into a clean resealable container. Doing this also makes it easy to measure accurate scoops rather than scooping from a pouch.

It is also good to note that the powder tends to clump up when you add too much powder in the mixture. If you want to consume a lot of calories, try dividing the servings into small batches so that the powder fully mixes with the liquid. It also helps if you use a blender to prep and not just shake the powder.


If you have a sweet tooth waiting to be satisfied but you’re avoiding the chocolate aisle, the MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer Powder is a great choice. It will help you gain weight easily and build stronger and leaner muscles as a result. This is a delicious and guiltless solution to your cravings.