You’re struggling to gain weight, and want to look bulkier and thicker. You’re tired of being called “weak” or “beanpole” or “skinny” and are seriously interested in increasing your weight. In this article, we’ll explore a simple and easy to follow, step by step plan that starts with things you can do today to change your body.

Take Assessment of Your Body Today

It’s difficult and can be discouraging to find the motivation to get started on a path towards the body you want, if you don’t know what you’ve started with. So, let’s take an assessment of your body. You can do this today, by performing a few simple tests to find out some easy information. Grab a pencil and paper for this, and you might need a measuring tape as well. Write the following down:

  • Your current weight
  • Your current BMI
  • Your measurements: shoulders, arms, chest, waist, and legs

Also, are there any supplements or powders that you’re currently taking for weight gain? Add those to this list.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a “before” photo. You’ll be able to compare it in a few months!

Determine How Many Calories You’re Currently Eating

Weight gain is a numbers game. If you are eating more calories than you’re burning, then you will get larger. It’s not a matter of genetics or metabolism. It’s calories.

Write down everything that you’ve eaten today, yesterday, and the day before as well. This simple exercise will surprise most people; you just don’t know from day to day exactly what you’re eating, if you’re not paying attention. You might find that you’re eating too many low-calorie food items like vegetables and fruits, when you should really be reaching for meats and fats.

One of the most useful practices you can do for yourself to gain weight is keep a simple food diary. You want to increase your calorie counts by a small amount over time to safely and healthily bulk up your weight.

Set Your Weight Gain Goals

You have your current weight number from back in Step 1. Now, you need to figure out how much you do want to weigh. To be “skinny” is to have a BMI that is less than 18.5. You are classified as underweight. The normal weight range is between 18.5 and 24.9, while overweight is being more than that.

As you set your weight gain goals, keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat. So, a BMI number might not necessarily give you the most accurate reading of weight. Instead, set a target number that adds a small, but reachable amount, like 25 pounds. Once you’ve reached that 25-pound weight gain, reassess your progress and your overall satisfaction with the weight you’ve gained. Goals can change, so it’s okay to be flexible as you pursue different ways of gaining weight.

Find the Best Tools to Reach Your Goals

Now that you know your current weight, your current calorie intake, and have your weight gain goals, it’s time to find the best tools to help you go from today to the ‘future you’ with the weight gain. Here are the most helpful tools:

  • A calorie-rich meal plan with corresponding grocery list
  • Any additional nutritional items, such as supplements or weight gaining protein powders
  • A gym membership or access to a fitness location
  • A workout routine that helps put on the weight

Start with the nutritional tools, since those are the easiest and can be implemented quickly. Assess your personal weekly schedule, as well as the food diary you’ve (hopefully!) been keeping. You want to increase your calorie counts, so construct a meal plan that includes plenty of high calorie and healthy foods, such as proteins, dairy foods, complex carbohydrates, and fiber-rich foods. After you’ve created your meal plan, you can also write down a quick grocery list, so that this week you can shop for new foods to stock in your home.

In addition to regular food, add supplements and protein powders like mass gainers to your shopping list. Purchase ones that have high quality ingredients and plenty of great reviews from fellow weight gainers. They’re part of your toolkit, too.

You want to gain weight in a healthy way, not by eating a high-fat diet. So, you’ll also want a gym membership or a fitness routine that you’ll enjoy, stick with, and will help you gain weight. It might seem counterintuitive for a ‘skinny guy’ to work out, but again, muscle weighs more than fat. The more muscle you’ll add, the heavier you’ll be.

Finally, research online or with a fitness expert to develop a workout routine that works for you and helps you gain weight. Bodybuilding routines that involve weight training really do help build muscle and ‘bulk’ up your body.

Commit To a Plan

We’re going to be honest here: To gain weight, you’ve got to commit to a plan and embrace the hard work (the grind) that it takes to achieve your goals. Six months from now, you could still be the same size … Or, you could be celebrating your success. So, take the tools in your toolkit from above and implement them into your calendar.

Then, small step by small step, day by day, eat your high calorie diet and do your workouts. A complicated plan won’t get you the results you want, so stay simple and stay committed.

Track Your Progress

While you’re going through your weekly routine, track your progress. Weigh yourself each week and write it down. Keep up your food diary, making sure you’re still eating more calories than you’re burning. Note down your workouts, too.

Make adjustments and tweaks along the way. Find new high-calorie foods to try, to keep from getting bored with your diet. Find a workout buddy you can train with, so you keep each other on track. Make it your personal diet and fitness plan, and it will work out. Just stay self-disciplined and see it through.

Celebrate Your Success!

Yes, celebrating reaching your weight gain goals is a very important step of the whole process. It will help motivate you and inspire you to buy new clothes to show off your new physique. At the very least, you’ll want to take one of those “after” pictures, put it next to your “before” photo – and show off!