Anyone who has worked hard to achieve their goal weight and ideal body mass knows that it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and consistency. For some, adding on weight isn’t a problem, but for others, it is an actual struggle to get the scales moving.

Hard gainers try their best to eat as much calorie-rich food as they can but this can be expensive and also unhealthy. Plus most foods that have a lot of calories are those that are excessively unhealthy – not ideal for someone who is trying to eat clean while they do their best to bulk up.

Since novice body builders need to consume a good amount of calories without resorting to unhealthy junk food to increase their body mass, there is one good and suggested option: mass gainers.

Essentially mass gainer supplements are an easy and cheaper way to get all the calories and other necessary nutrients you need to build a bigger body. They usually come in a powder form with different flavors and are added to milk or water to create a high-calorie and very dense shake.

Mass gainers are formulated to be used as a solution for hard gainers to meet the excessive amount of calories they need on a daily basis. If you want to start using mass gainers to add on the pounds you need to know how to use the supplement the correct way. Using them incorrectly usually leads to added body fat and not muscle mass. So, you’re probably asking “how much mass gainer should I take to get bulky and strong muscles?”

To help you along here’s a quick and easy FAQ on mass gainers with their answers that you can use as a guide when you start using mass gainers.

How Much Mass Gainer Should I Take Daily?

Again this will depend on your nutritional needs and your goals when adding mass gainers to your diet. If you are consistently active on a daily basis the amount of mass gainer you consume should also be consistent.

On your rest days, you should take into account that you did not work as hard on this day so you should lessen your mass gainer intake. It’s all about balance and your caloric needs. Never consume too much mass gainer if you aren’t active enough as this can result in gaining body fat instead of muscle mass.

How Do You Prepare Mass Gainers?

Mass gainers are fairly easy to prepare so you can make them at home and bring them to the gym to consume as a post-workout snack. You simply add the powder to some kind of liquid, water for those who want less hassle or milk for the extra calories, and give it a good shake.

Other supplements require the use of a blender to lessen the clumps and create a smooth drink instead. You can also add the mass gainer to your favorite smoothie if you want to add flavor and more calories to your drink.

How Many Scoops Should I Use?

The answer to this question will vary depending on your goals and nutritional target. The best way to ensure that you get the most benefits per serving is to follow the recommended serving size on your chosen mass gainer. This way you can track the amount of protein, carbs, and calories you consume without needing to do some math.

Most mass gainers come with their own scoops and these aren’t standard sizes so always stick to what comes with the product to ensure you are getting the correct serving sizes.

Can You Mix Mass Gainers with Other Supplements?

Do your research and ask others with experience before you decide to combine mass gainers with another type of supplement. The effects can vary depending on the person and the kind of mass gainer and supplement mixed so don’t expect the same results from what your friend experienced. As long as the combination of supplements helps you meet your nutritional goal it is fine to mix them together to maximize the benefits.

When you add supplements to your daily diet you can expect some changes. Keep in mind that mass gainers have different effects on people. Just because one brand didn’t work doesn’t mean all the rest will not. It will take a few tries until you finally find one that works for you.