This is a common question that gym buffs keep asking themselves: how fast can I gain muscle despite my constantly busy schedule? Modern society is governed by time and the need to gain more time to do more things that they would want to do. It is seemingly impossible, but there are a few ways to go about this and still get the results that one would want.

But before you come up with effective meals plans, efficient exercise routines, and other stuff, you have to look at the problem differently, on a more scholarly level if you may.

What Are The Factors That Affect Muscle Mass Development?

Researchers did their work and found out about certain factors that affect the stimulation of muscle growth. The study was done on a group of bodybuilders who donated their time and effort for the sake of science.

Muscle Tension

Muscle tension is the condition where muscles are contracted or stretched at any given point of time. Imagine a guitar string being tuned, the tension is what produces the sound, and tuning it is your stretching and contraction. Going back to muscular development, muscle tension during your workout is important in boosting muscle mass.

As you may note, there are two kinds of muscle tension:

  • Stretching – stretching tension happens when you extend, for example, your biceps for a curl. This movement plus a heavy weight actually does cellular damage to your muscle but in a good way. This forces your body to mend the tissues automatically, thereby stimulating muscle growth.
  • Contracting – contracting tension is the opposite of stretching; this is when you bring the dumbbells back during a bicep curl. The muscles are contracted, and it strengthens itself to be able to support the weight coming towards the body. Again, this forces your physiology to adapt quickly.
  • Time

Another factor affected by tension is time. Not to be confused with the time you spent working out, time in this instance means the period wherein your muscle was under tension. The total amount of time that the muscles use while in tension plays a big part in muscle gain. It is necessary to equate the weight of the weights to the number of repetitions in a workout.

Muscle Burn

During a workout, you would notice that your muscles begin to ache and everything becomes warm, especially inside the muscles. This is a sign that lactic has been generated and the associated sensations are your body telling you that it can no longer endure the force metabolically speaking. Muscle burn happens when you endure these sensations and continue with the workout until you can no longer progress. This exploits the muscle tension and forces your body to repair itself some more.

Muscle Pump

This is the blood pumping through your body during a workout. Blood carries oxygen and other nutrients all around, and exercise causes the heart to pump more than usual. This brings the much-needed nutrients to the muscles that have been damaged and deformed.


Why is genetics part of the list? Generally, men find it easier to develop muscles than women because of the hormonal levels in their body.  However, this is not always the case. There are some cases where both men and women would find it hard to gain muscle mass at all. This is probably due to their genetic or skeletal make-up.

Nutritional Intake

Diet plays a big part in muscular development. To determine how fast can you gain muscle, you need to check how much protein you are taking in on a daily basis. Protein helps repair the muscles during a workout.

Increasing Muscle Mass under Limited Time Conditions

Going back to the issue at hand, working out under severe time constraints does not have to be hard. Answering “how fast can I gain muscle” is highly dependent on how effective you are with time management. That’s the trick, knowing when to do whatever task you need to do, and doing it efficiently.

Shift Workout Schedules

Workouts don’t have to be on a fixed schedule; you can do them when you are free. You can even do it during lunch break! Just make sure to stretch and shower. There are several fitness centers that now offer round the clock service, complete with support facilities and fitness cafes.

Alternate Workout Routines

With all the tension that is happening during a weight lifting workout, you need to give your muscles a rest and do cardio or functional fitness exercises. This will allow your cells to regenerate and grow some more while toning other muscle groups.

Add Muscle Mass Supplements

In addition to rotating workout schedules and alternate routines, you might want to invest in a good muscle mass supplement. It was designed to provide extra protein and carbohydrates to your diet, with nutrients that aims to boost muscle growth. These supplements are great post workout drinks as they provide enough calories to fill you up and satiate your body’s hunger for nourishment.

Complementary Exercises

Office kinetics involves regular breaks from sitting down and meetings. You can do these stretching forms while drafting your reports and sending those emails, even while checking Facebook and swiping on Tinder. Stretching relaxes your muscles and prepares them for your next workout sessions. They also burn extra calories, ergo, extra fat, which will be converted to more toned muscles.

So, How Fast Can I Gain Muscle With a Booked Schedule?

Easy, it all depends on doing proper time management and regular consultation with a professional.

Prioritize the items on your schedule and move things around when and if you can, and then find the best spot for your workout. Fill-up free slots with complimentary stretches or resistance exercises. Some people would prefer working out after work while some find time in between meetings.

Gaining muscle mass also requires regular exercise that efficiently uses the contractions and stretching off muscles under heavy weights, supplemented with weight gainers, proper diet, and resistance workouts.