If you’re a bit scrawny and you’re looking to change your appearance, then adding weight should be your primary objective. The normal way to add weight would be to consume more calories. Unfortunately, some people just don’t have the time to eat more frequently.

If you happen to have the same problem, then your best alternative would be to consume protein powders called mass gainers. The question is, does mass gainer make you fat?

To improve your appearance, you’ll definitely have to put on some weight. However, you need to be careful to minimize the amount of fat you put on in the process.

When increasing weight, it’s almost impossible not to add a bit of fat here and there. It’s just the nature of the human body.

By consuming more protein in the form of mass gainers, you’re telling your body to use that protein to increase the size of your muscles. What you may not know is that when the body consumes more energy than it spends, the body stores the excess energy as fat for future use.

So to answer the question does mass gainer make you fat?  Yes, protein powder in the form of mass gainers does have the ability to increase the amount of fat in your body.

However, mass gainer will only make you fat if you do not expend the energy that the protein powder gives you. To understand this concept better, let’s take a closer look at mass gainers.

What are mass gainers?

Mass gainers usually come in the form of protein powders and are popular among bodybuilders that want to increase their muscle mass. Protein powders, as the name suggests, are made up of a combination of different proteins. The most common sources of protein in mass gainers are:

  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Casein
  • Soy

However, unlike regular protein powders, mass gainers have more than just protein content. These products also have a good amount of calories in the form of carbohydrates. In fact, most mass gainers have anywhere between 1,200 to 1,300 calories, some even more.

How does mass gainer make you fat?

As you can see, the way mass gainers increase your body mass is by introducing more calories to your system. The more calories you consume, the faster your body converts those calories into muscle or fat.

If you want to increase muscle mass, then you need to combine mass gainers with strenuous exercises or activities, such as lifting heavy weights. If you fail to perform these activities, then your body will be left with excess amounts of energy. The natural way the body handles excess energy is to convert it to fat.

Therefore, always remember that mass gainers will make you fat if you do not expend the energy that they give you.

Are mass gainers safe?

Keep in mind that mass gainers are actually processed calories.  As a rule of thumb, any food not produced naturally will have adverse effects on the body.

So even though mass gainers do have the ability to provide you with supplemental calories, there is also a chance that you’re actually getting more than you bargained for.

Are there safer alternatives to mass gainers?

Yes. There are safer alternatives to mass gainers, and they are called natural foods. If you want to gain weight safely and naturally, the best way is to increase your calorie consumption by eating foods rich in proteins.

The concept of gaining weight is simple. In order to gain weight, you’ll need to consume more calories than you expend. Therefore, if you expend about 3,000 calories per day, you’ll need to consume 3,500 calories or even more.

However, just as mass gainers can make you fat if you don’t exercise, consuming more calories through natural foods will also give you the same result. Excess food will make you fat as well.

Do Mass Gainers Increase Muscle Mass?

If you simply don’t have enough time to consume more food, you probably think that mass gainers are the best option for your situation. Besides, if you exercise at the same time, mass gainers will give you more muscle.

Unfortunately, mass gainers do not give you more muscle, at least not directly. Keep in mind that mass gainers are food supplements. As food supplements, these products do not have sufficient nutrients for muscle growth. You will still need to obtain those nutrients from natural foods.

Mass gainers may help you increase your body weight by supplementing your body with more calories, but in terms of increasing muscle mass directly, you cannot rely on these products to perform this miracle.

How to Increase Muscle Mass Safely

If you have a thin and rather unappealing body, the only way to change your appearance is to increase your muscle mass safely. Do not think of mass gainers as a miracle product that will give you what you need.

They may help you achieve your goals, but you need to put in a lot of time at the gym consistently in order to build muscles and improve your appearance. If you do not exercise enough for your muscles to grow and you keep on consuming mass gainers, the only result you will get is a heavy body full of fat.

Instead of improving your appearance, you would likely have made it worse, not to mention endangering your health as well.

If you want to begin changing your appearance by increasing your muscle mass, start by reconfiguring your schedule to allow you more time to eat better and to exercise more on a daily basis. Mass gainers can help you gain weight and more muscle mass as long as you use them correctly.