The increased awareness concerning the human well-being has resulted in an increase in people going to the gym and trying different workouts to see what fits their lifestyle and culture. Some would walk-in looking to lose some weight, while some have turned to bodybuilding to gain some mass and bring their bodies to a healthier looking frame.

However, some lifters often have a hard time gaining the weight or even the muscle mass that they want; this is when they turn to protein powders like the Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer comes in.

Features and Benefits

TheBody Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gaineris designed to supplement your body with more than 1000 calories that boost muscle growth, as well as nutrients that help you grow new muscle cells. Here are some of the benefits of using this protein powder.

  • Packed with protein. The chocolate flavored Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer has around 40 grams of premium protein in every six scoops. With as little as two scoops, you’ll get enough protein for your body to stimulate muscle growth.
  • Boosts muscle growth and optimizes metabolic function. To increase muscle mass, you also need carbohydrates that will support the storage of muscle glycogen within your cells. This protein powder has 198 grams of carbohydrates that serve as fuel during workouts, as well as a source of post-workout nutrients.
  • Nutrient-filled post-workout recovery drink. Speaking of post-workout nutrition, the Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer has a 2.5-gram dose of Betapower® Betaine that improves post-workout recovery. This nutrient also promotes lean body composition and muscle build-up.
  • Gluten- and Aspartame-Free. The Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer comes with zero gluten and zero aspartame, with its chocolate-y flavor coming from natural sources. A lower sugar intake also decreases the chances of acquiring diabetes and it also lessens your dependence on sugar and other complex carbohydrates for energy.
  • Full of naturally occurring BCAAs. This protein shake injects your body with branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs that help you maintain muscle mass while exercising and during recovery. BCAAs help with muscle synthesis, ensuring that lean muscles don’t get ‘eaten’ while the body is starving for energy during heavy workouts.


  • Faster And More Obvious Results

The proper intake of the chocolate flavored, Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer formula will ensure that you get the results that you want in weeks. This is much faster than other conventional protein drinks, and the results are more obvious.

  • Compliments Any Weight Training Program

This drink’s ability to retain lean muscle and fuel workouts with a healthy chunk of calories and carbohydrates means that it can compliment any training program without having to worry about consuming too many calories.

  • Supplements Other Dietary Items

The chocolatey goodness of the Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer not only makes it a great post-workout recovery drink but it can also serve as an additive to other food items like your morning oatmeal, granola bars, and even your basic milk concentrate. It can even be used by non-body builders, especially by persons who need to gain weight as fast as possible.


  • Sweet And Chalky

The Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer can taste differently if not mixed following the prescribed procedures. It can come out being too sweet or too bitter, even leaving an undesirable and chalky aftertaste. Do not fret though; there are other flavors to choose from if chocolate is not your cup of tea.

  • Fewer Scoops Needed

Improper mixing of this product can negatively impact the experience, and the projected benefits will be discarded immediately. Even the resulting taste of a badly mixed shake will give the impression that the nutrients could have been packed into smaller dosages or lesser serving sizes.

  • Results Do Vary

As with any supplement or even medicine, results will always vary, and it really depends on the kind of activities that you do; the rate of your metabolism; and how you would prepare the formula. The measurements on the labels are only guides and should not be mistaken for an accurate measure.


The Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer provided the necessary nutrients to keep the body fueled and pumped while maintaining the same body mass during an intensive workout. The increased metabolic rate helps in gaining the calories lost during the workout, while the mass gainer drink supplements the food intake with an additional 1000 calories per two-scoop servings.

Since it has no aspartame and gluten, it can be included in the diet of non-bodybuilders like medical patients and elderly people who need to have more protein and carbohydrates in their system without the additional sugar. Consult this with a physician first.


Side by side with other muscle mass builders, the Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer packs all the necessary nutrients in a smaller serving. Other mass builder powders would say that theirs would have more calories and proteins per serving but if you would look into the details, the required amount is almost double of the required scoops for Body Fortress.

What should you look for in a mass building formula?

Other than the price, you should always look at what you are getting in return; the price should be relative to the benefits of course. With the Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer, you are not just getting some fuel for your intensive workout but you are also getting the nutrients that your body needs in order to build and develop more muscle.

The carbs, the BCAA’s, the Betapower® Betaine and the proteins add up to a formula that is more efficient and effective when it comes to building and maintaining muscle mass. Being free of processed sugar and other additives, the Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer is the ideal addition to any diet and the perfect supplement to any workout plan.