Best Mass Gainer

Best Mass Gainer

Mass gainers are products that help individuals to pack on the pounds in an efficient manner. They aim to promote muscle building and weight gain. If you want to acquire additional pounds or undergo an intense workout, the best mass gainer will be your faithful partner in achieving it all.

Together with a great training program and correct diet plans, a mass gainer will work along with those elements and further maximize results. With an inefficient workout or lack of it, taking a mass gainer is pretty much a useless feat. Diets are also crucial to your weight gaining plans so you have to get one that will work not only with your workouts but your weight gainer as well. All should suit you well in order to generate optimal results. The right training program, a good mass gainer, and an appropriate diet plan will aid you with muscle development by giving you the needed aid that is obligatory for body building.

The Pros and Cons of Mass Gainers

In case you want to build muscle or gain weight, you can try out the mass gainer method. Along with a workout and good diet plan, a mass gainer will work in conjunction with those two and aid you in accomplishing your weight goals. This particular product though has its own advantages and disadvantages, and they are the following.


Mass gainers aid in digesting the food you eat faster. As soon as the food is digested, it is distributed to the muscles, encouraging them to develop in the same manner. Mass gainers often contain protein and this substance facilitates to maximize blood circulation in the muscles.

The product also boosts the strength and energy levels of the body so people can endure those heavy workouts. Lots of athletes use this because the higher calories the product provides gives them the fuel to train and run for longer periods of time. By means of these supplements, the body will be able to retain their water levels, which figure prominently in the development of muscles as well.

Other than complete muscle development, mass gainers also aid the body when it comes to metabolism. Sore, painful muscles will be repaired by using these supplements and those that are torn will be mended. Hence its usage goes more than just allowing people to gain weight fast and efficiently. A great weight gainer will provide an increase in energy levels, make you feel full, and give you the strength that you need in order to survive those extensive workouts.


In case you are allergic to dairy or milk/milk products in particular, you have to steer clear of mass gainers that have whey proteins. Furthermore, keep in mind that you should not anticipate total weight gain just by ingesting the supplements alone—it needs to be paired with a great workout plan and diet plan.

Individuals who have hypoglycemia or diabetes should also steer clear of ingesting weight gainers that include whey protein since it is known to reduce blood sugar levels. If used in bigger amounts and over an extended period of time, the creatine found in most mass gainers can lead to kidney or liver damage. It is also smart to consult your doctor first before trying any kind of mass gainer. If you take prescription drugs, taking them together with a mass gainer will also affect its results.

Selecting a Good Mass Gainer

Mass gainers with whey protein is a popular choice among health-conscious bodybuilders and athletes. The majority of individuals often go for a supplement or the powder kind when it comes to whey proteins in case they want to develop their muscles or gain weight. However, a lot of people often make that mistake of buying the first mass gainer they see on the market or in an advertisement. It is still a nice move to make an effort and do some research first before investing on said product.

Individuals who need to gain weight must be capable of distinguishing the products that they require from the products usually shown in the media. Muscle gainers are for individuals who want to build the kind of body they want and concerned with gaining plenty of muscle mass.

Furthermore, be wary of products that are advertised as massive size gainers or muscle mass gainers which include images of men with large muscles. If you want to be certain that you are acquiring the proper whey protein mass gainers, whether it’s for muscle or packing on the pounds, you must be capable of doing research on proper product names.

It is also essential that you should be familiar of the disparity between weight gain and muscle gain products since the packaging for such items can be misleading at times. In case you want to have bigger muscles and you take a whey protein product that is aimed for weight gainers, then you will most possibly develop extra weight instead of the muscles you are after.

Several of such whey protein products do include a sizable amount of carbohydrates and sugar that are advantageous to weight gainers because the ingredients are meant to help you add in weight. Individuals who consume these products will notice an obvious weight gain due to the hard fats received from the components. These products are often used by weightlifters and wrestlers. People who have a higher metabolism than average also use them since those fats will not have a profound effect on them.

Products that are aimed for muscle gain or mass gainers must have quality whey protein and give individuals their everyday nutritional requirements. The only carbohydrates that one should ingest willingly in order to get muscles are complex carbohydrates that aid in expanding muscle. These complex carbs are bigger resources of energy that one needs for their intense muscle development workouts.

Mass Gaining Tips

In order to maximize your weight gain or muscle gain goals, you have to remember some helpful tips. Keep these suggestions in mind to lessen the struggle in the fight for added pounds.

You still have to eat a healthy, proper diet

It can be tempting to get into the whole “meal replacement” phase with a mass gainer. Many have assumed that all mass gainers can serve as meal replacements. While this is not entirely untrue, not all mass gainers are the same. Some can function alone as meal replacements; however, many have to work together with a great fitness regimen and proper diet. As mentioned earlier, mass gainers are in their peak best if taken together with an intense workout and a wholesome diet plan. Read up more on the different mass gainers available in the market to determine their differences.

Push yourself to train efficiently

Supplements can help you in your goal to gain weight. However, you still have to do the work. A supplement cannot do it alone. Then again, an effective training and diet plan are required together with a mass gainer for optimal results. If you push yourself and train efficiently, it will lead you to those changes that you aspire for.

Also, it is possible that you may train yourself too hard as well. You have to rest every now and then as well. Give those muscles of yours some down time and allow them to recuperate, something that a mass gainer can help with. By resting those muscles, it will heal them and let them grow effectively. If you want, you can switch muscle groups during a training cycle. It will provide those muscles the opportunity to mend and develop. Keep in mind resting periods are crucial in weight gaining as well.

Get quality mass gainers available

Then again, not all mass gainers are the same. There are some which are mediocre at best. Some products have a poor taste, do not have pure ingredients, have lousy solubility and so forth. Do your research on different products first before buying one.

5 Suggested Mass Gainers

We have discussed all you need to know about weight gain supplements. Now it is time for you to discover the best mass gainer around. In this part, we have listed a few prominent mass gainers that you might be interested in. Read these mini reviews and see which product looks good.





Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Gainer Protein Powder  $$  4.3/5

Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer Protein Powder, Double Chocolate  $$$  4.5/5

Universal Nutrition Animal M-Stak Non-Hormonal All Natural Anabolic Gainer Supplement  $  4.2/5

CHOCOLATE LESS NAKED MASS – All Natural Weight Gainer Protein Powder  $$$  4.4/5

BSN TRUE-MASS 1200- Chocolate Milkshake  $$$  4.4/5

VANILLA LESS NAKED MASS – All Natural Weight Gainer Protein Powder  $$$  4.4/5

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer, Cookies and Cream  $  4.2/5

MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer Powder, Chocolate  $$  4.2/5

Muscle Milk Gainer Protein Powder, Vanilla Crème  $  4.4/5

NAKED MASS – All Natural Weight Gainer Protein Powder  $$$  4.4/5

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Gainer Protein Powder

If you are an avid gym goer, you may have heard of mass gainers from brands like Optimum Nutrition. In the sports nutrition industry, Optimum Nutrition has gained ground and has a reputation as one of the best in the business. The brand has a good lineup of products from mass gainers, proteins, creatine, BCAAs and a lot more. In each serving of the product, you will get 50 grams of creatine and protein, glutamic acid and glutamine for a quicker recovery.

Serious Mass comes with 1,250 calories per serving, which means you will acquire 35 percent of the total calories your body requires within one day. It is not only rich in carbohydrates and proteins – it also comes with 25 vitamins and minerals that the body needs for overall health. If you want your weight gain and muscle goals achieved, you can do so with this product due to its quality contents.


  • More proteins compared to other similar products
  • Each serving comes with 1,250 calories
  • Has great texture
  • Can be mixed effectively with other foods like fruits, nuts or other protein-rich fare
  • Has a great range of vitamins and minerals for optimal nutrition


  • Subpar chocolate taste
  • Powder turns beverages sticky

Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer Protein Powder

The Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer is a type of mass gainer that is made up of proteins, so this means it can be digested and absorbed effortlessly. It will provide individuals the amino acids that they require in order to back up the muscle and weight gaining process.

Every serving of the product gives a 60-gram dosage of muscle-gaining protein coming from 7 resources. Lipids and carbs are responsible for offering constant energy that aids in stopping proteins from being used as fuel. Every serving of the product gives 85 grams of carbs and 4 to 5 grams of fiber with just 5 grams of sugar. It also gives MCTs or medium chain triglycerides and other lipids.

During the growth procedure, the body takes in different vitamins and minerals and uses all of them. Without these helpers, the body will not be able to process carbs, proteins, and fats efficiently, thus the product comes with a good selection of 26 vitamins and minerals.

Gaining weight obligates individuals to take on 3,500 calories or more than that by means of food and beverage. The Pro Gainer gives more than 600 calories for every serving and by supplementing your everyday regimen with 1 serving of the stuff, so you can start to feel the results within the initial week.


  • Has excellent carbohydrate and protein ratio
  • Low in sugar, fats, and cholesterol
  • Has great taste


  • Protein blend is deficient when it comes to purity
  • Has moderately high sodium content

Universal Nutrition Animal M-Stak Non-Hormonal All Natural Anabolic Gainer Supplement

The Animal M-Stak Non-Hormonal All Natural Anabolic Gainer Supplement is designed as a product for those who want to gain weight through an increase in muscle mass. It makes use of a natural flavone and sterone complex that would start protein synthesis on a user’s body in order to create strength and muscle. The product also comes with an anabolic complex, which means it will help the body gain strength and overcome muscle fatigue. The product’s 5-Methyl-7-methoxyisoflavone helps to distribute nutrients for lean mass buildup and also facilitates nitrogen retention for excellent muscle growth.

The product not only gives additional weight for users by means of improved muscle mass, it also promotes overall health and enhanced strength. This is recommended for those who want to do bodybuilding and undergo an extensive and intense fitness workout to achieve their muscle goals.


  • Comes with a broad range of adaptogenic herbs which suit amino acid complex by assisting the body to fight stress
  • Comes with great energy-boosting elements
  • Works effectively without side effects, unlike steroids and other bodybuilding preparations
  • No unpleasant aftertaste


  • Those who prefer supplements in shake or beverage form might not be into capsules
  • Does not have sufficient protein to substitute any of the user’s diet routine
  • Has to be taken over a period of 21 days followed by a break around 7 days between ingesting to stop body from acclimatizing to the compounds, so its efficiency might be affected

Naked Nutrition Naked Mass All Natural Weight Gainer Protein Powder

One of the cleanest mass gainers available in the industry, the Naked Nutrition Naked Mass All Natural Weight Gainer Protein Powder is recommended for those who want a pure, no-fuss product. This is great taken between meals or prior to sleeping in order to sustain a higher rate of protein and calorie intake.

The mass gainer features naked whey, naked casein, and organic tapioca maltodextrin to provide an excellent and pure source, multi-phase complex carb and protein mix to add weight and sustain lean mass. Apart from making use of organic tapioca for the maltodextrin, this tapioca is also free from gluten.

The product does not have any kind of artificial colors, sweeteners or flavorings. It contains 50 grams of protein and 11.5 grams of BCAAs for each serving. The product is capable of delivering 1,250 calories and 252 grams of complex carbs as well. It is free from soy, GMOs, growth hormones, rBST or rBGH. The product also undergoes cold processing that is bleach and acid-free.


  • Completely all-natural product
  • 50 grams of protein per serving
  • Includes organic maltodextrin sourced from gluten-free tapioca
  • Contains 11 grams of BCAAs per serving
  • Does not have any artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners


  • Price is a bit on the steep side compared to standard mass gainers

BSN TRUE-MASS Chocolate Milkshake

The True-Mass weight gainer is available in 6 different flavors, though these flavors differ in terms of price. Consumers can choose from 3 varying sizes as well. For every serving, you will acquire 1,200 calories, which is more than enough to provide users with more than their regular calorie intake.

The mass gainer also features 50 grams of protein with every serving size which, sufficient in offering individuals the protein requirement for lean muscle development. The carbohydrates in this product are derived from rolled oats and this gives around 215 carbohydrate grams.

This is great for individuals who require a mass gainer that is filled with nutrients and has the calories they require in order to pack on the pounds. To take your dose you have to mix 3 scoops of the stuff with 16 oz. of cold water, milk, or any beverage you prefer.

Differ the quantity of liquid to accomplish the thickness that you prefer. You can drink the stuff every day once or as needed in order to meet your protein or weight gaining needs. To further make the most out of the product and get the most calories, you should use it with milk.


  • Works effectively combined with intense workouts
  • Capable of helping individuals gain muscle
  • Engages faster recovery after workout
  • Excellent 2-to-1 carbohydrate and protein ratio


  • Can cause bloating like most mass gainers


A rigorous workout that lacks the best mass gainer is not complete. This product is typically used whenever diet plans fell short to acquire the needed nutrients. Diet plans need a detailed summary of the individual and there are some which fail to acquire the needed calorie amounts that the individual may need following his workout regimen.

This needed amount is accomplished by adding weight gainers to the diet of the individual. Having the appropriate amount of calories is beneficial if you want to develop and gain muscle quickly. It can also give you better weight results if done correctly.